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Premium flasks for affordable prices are hard to come by. You tend to run into some that look nice but are terrible for holding drinks; others hold drinks well but look drab. With the Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask, you no longer have to wander. Its leather wrapped covering is beautiful against the steel of its body. It might just be the best flask on our list on looks alone.

Why We Like It – Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask Review

Built for quality, this stainless steel hip flask is laser welded to prevent leaks, while being made of high quality stainless steel so you aren’t pouring alcoholic beverage products and toxic metals into your shot glass.

  • High quality, heavy duty hip flask
  • Leak proof
  • Comes in a black gift box
  • Cap doesn’t attach


Pouring yourself a glass of fire water with the Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask will make you feel like a king. It’s so smooth in the way it fills your cup without dropping any valuable alcohol on the table. More importantly, it’s so tightly sealed that it won’t drip when the cap is closed tight either. In fact, what really helped was finding a grip. Thanks to the outer leather wrapping, that was never an issue either.


The Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask has to be one of the prettiest premium flasks on our list. This flask features a leather wrapping that looks so good with its multi-toned finish, unlike the drab black finish of the YWQ Hip Black Matte. More importantly: it helps with grip. Have you tried handling stainless steel flasks without covers? They tend to slip, which is typical of stainless steel cheaper flasks like the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask. One design flaw we noticed was the lack of attachment for the cap. Make sure you keep an eye on the cap.


Taking into consideration the Primo Liquor Flasks performance and overall high quality steels used to construct it, we have a hard time ignoring this flask. Not only does it look good, the food grade material used over inferior metals means you won’t drink down potential ingestion of toxic metals. That alone has value, in addition to the gift box and funnel inside. Compared to other food grade stainless steel cheaper priced flasks, like the Gifts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask, we’d take the Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask any day of the week.

Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask Review Wrap Up

The Primo Liquor Stainless Steel Flask has become our favorite liquor flasks, perhaps even the best flasks. It might be heavier than some, but that’s a testament to its heavy duty quality, though an attachment for the cap would’ve been nice. That heavy duty nature comes to use too, making it leak proof. And with the included funnel and gift box, why wouldn’t you hand one of these to a dear friend?

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