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It’s a common line of thinking that the Best Grills are gigantic, robust grilling racks that can feed an army, but the Primo Grill shows even small grills can pack a strong punch. Features such as a lightweight frame, oval shape, and firebox divider help the Primo stand out among the Best Kamado Grills, despite issues with the ceramic coating and durability.

Why We Like It – Primo Grill

With a large cooking surface and kamado-style heating, the Primo grill is a viable alternative to heavier grills. Regardless of its more diminutive stature, it’s designed to be efficient with heating across the entire area.

  • More lightweight than other kamados
  • Oval shape allows for more cooking space
  • Firebox divider
  • Ceramic coating may chip off of cooking grates
  • Durability concerns


Being mainly constructed of ceramic, the Primo Grill is a ceramic Kamado that heats just as well as the Blaze Kamado or any other big green egg-inspired grill. Combining the firebox divider and deflector plates helps keep the heat on one side if need be, helping to get meats to lock down on that savory BBQ flavor. This also helps different griddle sides be at different temperatures, which is an excellent interpretation of zone cooking.


One of the best things for the Primo Grill is its versatility compared to larger grills such as the Weber Summit Charcoal grill. While grills like the Summit are made of cast iron and stainless steel, the Primo grill is in the line of ceramic grills. They are offering a high-quality grilling experience without the hassle of dragging around something twice your weight. If you want a smaller and more compact than the Primo Grill, try the Char Griller Akorn Jr.


Having an all-ceramic grill is a risk, especially given the price. Fortunately, the included stand feels solid and attaches nicely to the grill. When in use, there is no concern that the grill will fall over. Despite all this, should the grill fall, it’s easy to speculate it might not survive, unlike other sturdier cast iron grills.

Ease of Use

The main reason why the Primo Grill is oval is to offer a great cooking area despite the size. Equal to the Kamado Joe Classic 2, it takes inspiration and offers its version of its divide and conquer the cooking system.


Don’t let the size of the Primo grill fool you; for what you pay, you’re getting a quality grill that even includes some features only found in more expensive grills. However, should you invest in this grill, perhaps buy some extra griddles. Should the ceramic coating come off, you’ll be left with griddles that stick to whatever you cook them with.

Primo Grill Wrap Up

Regardless of size, the Primo Grill is more than equipped to take on kamado grills much more significantly. Features such as the firebox divider, oval shape, and a lightweight frame, not even issues with the ceramic coating and durability, can hamper the Primo. For those looking for a solid kamado grill that won’t break their back trying to carry it, the Primo Grill is a viable alternative that’s worth your attention.

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