Premium Craft Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Starter Kit Review

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The Premium Craft Beer Making Kit contains all the necessary components to put you into the path of brewing excellence. It’s a little expensive, but it would be even more expensive to purchase all the parts separately. Check out our best home brewing kit list to see which kit may be right for you!

Why We Like It – Premium Craft Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Starter Kit

Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Beer Kits will be right at home for those looking to upgrade their equipment. The great thing about the kit is that it includes accessories you would normally have to buy separately. Whether you are a mid-level beginner or an intermediate, this kit will work for you.

  • No More Need for Siphons
  • Excellent Upgrade
  • Very Sweet Tasting Beer
  • Doesn’t Include Bottles
  • Not Really Meant for Starters
  • Very Sweet Tasting Beer


The Premium Craft Beer Making Starter Kit allows you to produce high quality craft beer in the comfort of your own home easily. For one, there is no more need for siphons. The Big Mouth Bubbler and Translucent Bucket are drilled with spigots to make bottling and transferring quite simple. You will still need to provide your own bottles, though, and is thus intended for a beginner on the way to intermediate. Check out the Mr Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit and their related products for a much more beginner-friendly kit.


The Premium Craft Beer Starter is a decent upgrade from the Northern Brewer Home Brewing Kit with additional upgrades and detailed step-by-step instructions. A capper and bottle caps are included but, as mentioned previously, you will have to provide your own bottles. It makes five gallons of beer, so roughly 50 standard 12 ounce beer bottles should do the trick. If you are looking to upgrade your set you don’t have to purchase each additional piece separately as this kit comes with everything you already need to make the jump to intermediate!


The Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Homebrew Starter Kit includes a translucent bottling bucket and spigot, a recipe kit for caribou slobber brown ale and fresh squished IPA (your choice), a Silver Serpent Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller and faucet adapter, and just a plethora of other home brewing equipment to truly enhance your homebrew experience. The included recipe kits follow Northern Brewer’s more sweet-tasting beer reputation, so opt for the Mr. Beer Long Play IPA 2 Gallon Home Brewing Kit if you’re looking for a more bitter craft or pale ale.

Premium Craft Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Starter Kit Wrap Up

The Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Beer Making Starter Kit may make you spend more money than you’re willing to spend ($350.00 isn’t cheap), and the lack of bottles will be another expense you have to account for. But the quality of accessories in the kit will indeed help you become the best brewer you can be.

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