Predict The Weather Down To The Minute With The Dark Sky App

dark sky app

Never trust a weather person on the news. Their predictions are almost always off. One minute they’ll predict rain for the week and then two days later it’s sunny skies for days. That’s why you need the Dark Sky app that’s now available for iPhone and iPad and will provide you weather updates down to the minute! Using state-of-the-art weather forecasting technology to predict when it will rain or snow where you’re at, the app also provides beautiful radar visualizations.

It’s stunning radar animations let you see the actual path of a storm, how it’s moving and where it’s going in the future. Other weather apps just show a chunky slideshow, making it hard to tell how the storm is movie, but this one provides the world’s first smooth radar animation. Its push notifications can send you an alert before it starts to rain or snow at your exact location. The app is made possible through Kickstarter pledges and goes for $3.99 in the AppStore.

Kristie Bertucci

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  1. Been using this app for well over a year. It’s creepy sometimes when it dings to tell me rain is about to start, then while I’m reading the message a droplet hits me. Works well for sure.

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