Predator Motorcycle Helmut Safety Gear Never Looked So Bad Ass (video)

“I’m gonna have me some fun. I’m gonna have me some fun.” The line Bill Duke utters–half-psychotically–in the legendary Predator film from 1988 is forever-etched in my memory. That one film has done more for the sci-fi genre than possibly even J.J. Abrams. Game developers, sci-fiction and comic book writers and other movie makers have borrowed ideas concepts and aesthetics from the well-known Predator series of films. Yet it was that first movie starring pre-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that birthed the light-bending cloaking effect that we’ve seen used in countless movies and games since.

But there’s another Predator hallmark that is unmistakable–the dreadlock-covered Predator headpiece. Now you don’t have to wear your little brother’s Predator costume for Halloween  Now you can be the predator any month of the year–and on the road at high speeds–with the Predator Motorcycle helmut.  This thing is truly menacing. There are three style and one even looks like true Predator head when it took off it’s faceplate in the movie. The dreadlocks are made of carbon spearheads and the targeting tri-laser actually works.

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