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Prank USB Stick Will Make Your Coworker’s Computer Go Nuts

Do you remember that gum that turned your friend’s mouth blue?  It was a harmless prank, which of course now looking back probably wasn’t all that harmless since it probably used a carcinogenic dye.  Fast forward 20 years later to the computer age and you’re working in a bored-to-tears 9 to 5 job.  So what’s one to do?  Exactly what you did years prior, prank the crap out of your co-worker.

The USB Computer Prankster plugs into any free USB port and plays havoc on your friend (or foes) computer.  You can set it to make the mouse go haywire, permanently engage the caps lock feature and make the keyboard go bananas.  It even features a time delay in the form of a volume wheel, which allows you plant, walk away and then set the attack in motion without being within close proximity to your target’s computer.


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