PowerShot SX620 HS Gives Zoom a Huge Increase, Adds Wireless Features

The PowerShot camera line has been around for a long time, mostly because Canon has found a niche market that still has relevance – affordable cameras that fit in your pocket and continue to take much better pictures for amateurs than anything smartphones can offer. Such is the PowerShot SsdX620 HS, which features several upgrades from past models, making it one of the top point-and-shoot cameras of 2018.

The camera comes with a 20.2-megapixel sensor and a powerful Digi 4+ image processing engine – which may sound very familiar if you looked at last year’s model. The big difference here is the zoom capability, which offers a much high 25x optical zoom range with intelligent image stabilization so your pictures won’t blue. The back includes a 3-inch LCD screen, which comes in handy for both that huge zoom function and taking 1080p video when possible.

PowerShot SX620 HS Back
Pocket-sized and simple controls are expected, but the upgrades make this camera worthwhile.

The SX620 HS has some other smart upgrades, too: This includes Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities for quickly sharing photos and also not worrying as much about physical data storage, a particularly big plus for the sort of action that point-and-shoot cameras see. A number of shooting modes back up this capability, allowing you to switch between more than a dozen effects depending on what you are working with: From poster filters and smart “Creative shot” modes to the ability to program all the settings yourself, there’s enough to work here if you like messing around with Instagram filters – but nothing compared to the careful settings of more professional cameras.

That’s about it for noteworthy specs for the SX620 HS, which is sort of then point: PowerShot cameras give you a few high-quality features and cut the rest to save on space and money – something this model accomplishes with ease. That brings the price down to only $280, which looks very attractive when compared to similar compact cameras.

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