Every kid had a Big Wheel growing up. The enormous tricycle was what you used to rove as far as, uh, the next driveway, but it was still the first taste of freedom and seated locomotion to many of us. Razor, who you might remember as the scooter people, think it needs an upgrade, however. If you seek a really smooth ride for your kids then the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter – Most Convenient Electric Scooter For Kids is worth checking out.

Scoot At Speed

Essentially, it’s a stripped down version of those drift trikes you see occasionally, aimed squarely at kids. It’s got a pretty standard layout; the back wheels are free-floating to allow you to do donuts or otherwise spin, while all the power comes from the front, in the motor. Admittedly this isn’t quite as daring as those spinning stunts you see going down hills; this thing tops out at nine miles an hour. But hey, it’s still cool.

Definitely For Kids

That said, this isn’t for adults with a wink and a nudge; the maximum weight it can take is about 120 pounds. And that’s not the only restriction; being battery operated, it’ll take approximately twelve hours to get this up to a full, raging, nine mile an hour beast. On the other hand, that also teaches kids the value of patience, so there’s something to be said for that. And also for making them plug it in the night before, since they’ll probably be driving an electric car.

Speed Demons


We have to admit, it’s a pretty neat toy for kids, although we’re also curious as to whether there’s an adult model available, because we like the spinning trikes ourselves. Regardless, if you’ve got a kid and they want to get back on the Big Wheel, this might be a good alternative. Just make sure they’re not building any ramps. That should only be attempted by professionals or drunk adults.

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