Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor Gives You A Real Time Read Out Of Your Energy Consumption (video)

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Energy prices are increasing; making household powering difficult to manage without spending a large quantity of money, especially in the current state of the economy.

People are starting to try and understand how they can manage, reduce and easily control their electricity bills. Such interfaces as Google PowerMeter are being challenged by PowerHouse Dynamics’ eMonitor, which allows you to link its interface with your circuit board telling you how much each individual circuit costs. This includes live statistics about how much power you’re consuming and where it’s being spent along with customisable energy saving settings and recommended ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This lets you isolate certain appliances that are being more costly to you than others. You can control outlets and thermostats manually or from applications on the iPhone. The general idea behind the package is to manage your power expenditure wisely and reduce unnecessary power wasting. This saves your money and the environment. Packages cost from $800 onwards.


Time to Have Complete Power Over Your Energy Use

Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor is the world’s first comprehensive, affordable, per circuit home energy monitoring and energy management system

03.05.2010 – Do you know how much your refrigerator is costing you? Or that space heater in the home office? Or the entertainment center that seems to produce offspring in the night?

Nobody has, until March, when the PowerHouse Dynamics eMonitor will begin shipping exclusively from Freeport, Maine based EnergyCircle.com. It is the world’s first affordable, whole house, circuit by circuit energy monitoring and management system.

What does this mean?

The eMonitor’s unique combination of hardware, software, and services let you view your home’s 24×7, minute-by-minute electricity use, electricity cost, and carbon footprint, as well as historical information by day, month, or year, all in a personalized and intuitive graphical interface from anywhere you can access the internet. It also provides cost estimates based on current and past usage.

“Circuit by circuit energy monitoring is a significant breakthrough in the category,” said Peter Troast, Energy Circle’s founder and CEO. “Seeing your energy use by appliance and by room is extraordinarily powerful. This simple act of knowing your usage in real time drives better awareness, engages families and produces real savings.”

The cutting-edge feature of the eMonitor is its capability to display electricity use by individual circuit so you can see real-time and historical information on major appliances, entertainment centers, and specific rooms. The service keeps you continuously up to speed on your home’s energy usage by providing you with alerts if circuits are overloaded, if there are problems with appliances or your renewable sources, if your electricity usage is unusual, or if your energy bills are approaching a threshold (set by you).

The eMonitor dashboard is viewable on the web from any local or remote location, and provides customized energy saving recommendations based on your home’s energy usage.

The single-unit eMonitor configuration comes with enough hardware to monitor 24 circuits (2 mains and 22 addition circuits) and is compatible with both 120v and 240v electrical systems. Most American homes will work with the single unit eMonitor. For homes with more than one panel, or more than 22 circuits, purchase the 2 eMonitor configuration. The 2 eMonitor configuration is $1,498.

eMonitor integrates with renewable energy systems (for solar PV, solar thermal, or wind installations), monitoring energy production, savings, and efficiency, and also reports on any problems with those installations.

The eMonitor is also equipped for future capability to remotely control individual outlets and thermostats, and will integrate with many existing home control systems. Planned future enhancements also include the ability to monitor other energy sources such as natural gas and home heating oil.

After a month in the Energy Circle home, some interesting results:

Energy Circle founders Peter Troast and Lisa Fahay have been using the eMonitor on their own home since early January 2010 and along with the above mentioned features, have had some unexpected benefits:

“Since we began testing eMonitor in our home, we’ve seen big changes in our families behavior,” said Lisa Fahay, Energy Circle’s Director of eCommerce. “The kids are actively competing for whose room uses the least energy, we uncovered the fact that the dryer heat settings are broken, and we’ve found new sources of vampire power that we’re knifing in the heart.”

“I’m very impressed with and excited about eMonitor,” said Troast. “It is an extensible system that will grow over time to include smart outlets and controllable thermostats, displays and other add-on devices. It is an extremely powerful tool.”

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