Power Your Devices Using The Sun-Tracking SunSocketTM Solar Generator

SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

The best solar panels help us keep the power going during tough times.

We’re all doing our part to be eco-friendly – recycling, trying to decrease our carbon footprint, etc. So why not take it one step further and pledge to use nothing but solar energy to charge all of your devices? Now you can with the sun-tracking SunSocketTM solar generator that’s a portable energy solution, which allows you to charge your MP3 players, smartphones, computers, laptops and so much more. Long gone are add-on adapters, batteries, cords, or solar panels since everything you need is already conveniently  built into the portable and durable case. It also features a proprietary sun-tracking technology so you always know where the sun is to juice up the generator.

It features a high-efficiency 60 Watt PV panels inside the case pop up and automatically track the sunlight throughout the day while charging the internal 250 Watt battery, which translates to never having to worry about repositioning your solar panels. The SunSocketTM solar generator can also be an important emergency power supply to keep in your car or RV, too. Basically, it’s pretty handy in any emergency situation, which is what makes it so great. But you can also use it for outdoor fun like tailgates, camping, road trips, hunting, fishing, boating, BBQs and so much more. Get one now at Amazon for $1,499.

SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

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