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The Power Stop Front Rear Brake Kits contain a powder-coated backing plate that aids in sustaining the life of the system by adding rust and corrosion resistance. And you’ll want to extend the life as much as possible considering the brakes are outrageously expensive. Check out our best car brakes list for even more great options!

Why We Like It – Power Stop K5828 Front & Rear Brake

The Power Stop K5828 Front & Rear Brake has a lot to like about it. The ceramic pads offer superior braking power thanks to the carbon-infused formula, and the noise-free braking is just another perk that we would all love. The complete, front and rear, set of slotted performance rotors makes for an impressive braking system that allows you to stop the moment your foot hits the pedal.

  • Powder-coated backing plate
  • Reduced break-in time
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Outrageously expensive


The Kit Power Stop is chamfered and slotted for no-sound braking performance. The pad surfaces are also thermal scorched at a high temperature to reduce break-in so you can drive your car truck whenever you please quickly without having to worry about braking issues.The claim of low braking dust validated at a Los Angeles showing where a test showed 30% less dust versus OE, which is quite impressive (test was done on a Toyota Highlander, if you’re curious). You can check out the K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic if the make model of your car is an Acura or Honda, though.


The Power Stop K5828 Brake Rotors contain a carbon fiber-infused ceramic formula so the ceramic pads have superior braking power. The Powder-coated backing plate aids in extending the life of the brakes by resisting rust and corrosion while the rubberized shims provide the ceramic pads with noise free braking. The set comes with the Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport, which are placed on the rear-wheels, for a whole-car braking system. Check out the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic for another example of this.


The Power Stop K5828 includes a complete set of cross drilled slotted rotors and high performance carbon fiber ceramic brake pads. Customer Reviews are positive, with brakes receiving 5/5 over on Amazon based on 43 reviews. However, the brakes aren’t available directly from Amazon, only through third party sellers. While you may qualify for free shipping, the brakes will still cost you a whopping $1,770.00. No one would blame you if you took a look at the Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Installation Hardware, which is a much more affordable alternative.

Power Stop K5828 Front & Rear Brake Wrap Up

The Power Stop Brake Upgrade reduces break-in time so you can drive faster and safer, has positive customer reviews, and can last quite a while thanks to its rust and corrosion resistance. It’s hard to get past the price, though. But maybe one day Amazon will be a first-party seller instead of a third-party seller.

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