The Power Donut Lets You Bring A Power Strip Everywhere You Go

Travel is hard, and one of the many ways it can wear you down is trying to find power. Tablet, laptop, phone, and that’s just what you bring along. Add another person to the mix and you can find yourself fighting over charging everything up, especially if you’re overseas and discovering the joys of not bringing the right travel adapter. MOGICS has a brilliant solution, though, and it’s roughly the size of a donut.

Go Nuts For Donuts

Mogics’ design is utterly brilliant, really. On paper, it’s just a standard power strip, just with a different casing. But that casing changes everything.

The round shape allows you to hook up everything, with five outlets and two USB ports, and you won’t have to worry about getting in the way of everything. The round shape means you can click in pretty much anything anywhere without worrying about your wall warts and power bricks overlapping. There are two form factors as well. The donut is smaller and thinner, letting you slip it into a pocket and featuring five US outlets. The bagel, slightly thicker, goes one better with one US port and four universal plugs that will fit anything. International travelers in particular no longer have to worry; now there’s a plug for everybody.


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Honestly, it won’t be a surprise if MOGICS changes the power strip game at home as well as traveling. Their design just solves so many problems power strips have, from being unable to accommodate the bulky plugs our electronics tend to need these days to taking up a lot of space. This is an elegant, simple idea that solves a lot of problems, but for now, it’s limited to travel. Hopefully a home version is on the way.

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