The Power Box Pedal Generator Fits In Your Backpack


It’s one of the little annoyances of camping; you don’t have any handy outlets to charge things with. You can bring a massive battery, but those only last so long, and when it comes to weight, that’s not exactly a camping-friendly solution. Hence, the Power Box is here as a solution that charges everything and fits in a shoebox.

Power Up!

True, it’s not quite the home generator you can install, but it’s small and portable enough that you can haul it pretty much anywhere. It works the way you’d expect: Pop out the pedals, plug in your gadget, and start pedaling.

Pedal To Metal

However, the Power Box has a few more ideas that are worth paying attention to. First of all, as we noted, it’s tiny for a little generator, at just the size of a shoebox. Furthermore it’s also cheap: At just $200, that makes it ideal not just for camping but for disaster preparedness, long-term stays away from the grid, and even day-to-day use provided you want to work some more exercise into your routine.

It’s also designed to be as universal as possible; pretty much any smartphone charger or Apple product can be plugged into the Power Box and be charged by your cranking. That means way less frustration in an area where you desperately need things to work smoothly.

Get Charged Up


Some may scoff at the idea of bringing a generator for your gadgets to the great outdoors, but it may save your life: Camping can be more dangerous than you might think, and being able to contact someone and get help can be the difference between having a great story to share at the bar years later and, well, being dead. So, bring a generator: It might quite literally be a life-saver for you.

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