Portable Laundry Pod Is A Cost Efficient and Environment-Friendly Laundry Solution

Portable Laundry Pod

One of the things I simply hate to do is my laundry. The reason is that it can take quite some time for the things to get done when it comes to laundry; you need to wash it, then dry it, which can turn out to be time consuming, if you have a lot of clothes. Even with the best front load washing machine. It’s not just this, the usual laundry machines can end up with huge electricity bills, plus a lot of water wastage, which is why we’ll ask you to take a look at this Portable Laundry Pod.

The Laundry Pod doesn’t only provides portability, but is environment-friendly as well and uses zero electricity, in addition to a small amount of water. The device measures 13” x 14” x 14” and comes with an efficient spinning, washing and drainage system. It comes with a flexible drainage hose so that you can get rid of the water easily once you are done with washing. There’s a knob on the side of the dryer that can hold the water or release it for drainage.

The Laundry Pod may not replace your full-scale washing machines, but it can be an excellent solution especially when you are travelling to another city for a few days. So, rather then spending money on an external laundry from your hotel or a one nearby, this can also help you save a few quick bucks. It uses half the amount of water and detergent to get the work done, and comes with a lid, which can be used to rinse the clothes while washing.

The Portable Laundry Pod comes with a $99 price tag, and is available in white, green and grey colors. It may not be able to replace your laundry room washing machines, but it is still a good alternative for those who needs a portable one and have less clothes to wash.

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