Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you travel often, you know how much it sucks to have your phone or tablet shut down, without an outlet to reach. A great companion to have is a portable charger. One of the best portable chargers to bring along is the Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh, because of its incredibly high capacity, internal safeguards, and ability to charge two devices at once. If you’d like more options, read our top-rated portable phone charger reviews.

Why We Like It – Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh

So much power, in the palm of your hand. This 24800mAh lithium battery, you can charge most devices six times over, before depleting its reservoir. If you’re on a long trip, it’s an excellent companion to have.

  • Outstanding battery capacity
  • Can charge two devices at once
  • Built-in safeguards for charging protection
  • Spends half a day recharging


The battery life on the Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh is amazing, outlasting our top three portable power banks—that includes our best, the Anker PowerCore 20100mAh. This high capacity external battery pack can charge most devices 6 times over before needing to recharge. At high speed? Not so much. Still, a fully charged device is better than none. What’s nice is that it has safeguards in place to keep your device from being overcharged, overheating, and excessive current. When you drain the battery is when you notice its biggest weakness: it spends half a day recharging.

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Unlike the Jackery Portable Charger, the Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh is a bit bulky for a smart phone charger, but not by much. It’s essentially like carrying a second phone as it’s slightly smaller than popular smartphones. Along the bottom is a small LCD screen that features the current charge percentage, which is really helpful. Nearby are two USB ports, which iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy, or any phone Android or otherwise, can use. If the device charges with a USB cable, chances are it’s supported. There’s also a micro USB, if that’s something you need.

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The Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh is such a powerhouse. To have one on you at all times, especially when you’re traveling, can be a lifesaver. The fact that you can fully charge a single device up to six times is amazing. This is especially true given how cheap it is, only costing $25! When you compare that with the INIU Portable Charger, which goes for $30, you’re getting a way better deal with the Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh.

Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh Wrap Up

Because the Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh can charge your device so many times in a row, and two at a time, we can look past its long charge time. What it offers just simply overshadows its shortcomings. And you never have to worry about overheating, overcharging, or excessive current, thanks to its built-in safeguards.