Porsche P’9223 Slim Hard Drive is Thinner Than a Macbook Air

No hard drive can be too small.  This includes the best external hard drives for Xbox One. Gone are the days of clunky, cumbersome spindles that weigh enough to give you a bulging bicep. You can thank  advancements in spindles as well as SSDs.

Yesterday, Lacie pushed the envelope of small even further with the introduction of the  Porsche designed P’9223 Slim hard drive.  It comes in either a 500GB spindle version or a 120GB SSD version.  Both versions measure 11mm thick and cost $99.99.  That’s 6mm thinner than the current gen Macbook Air, which in our book is just mind bogglingly svelte.  We’d probably opt for the SSD version since speeds will be increased and the drive will be able to sustain more bumps and drops.  That said, the Porsche P’9223 Slim hard drive is USB 3.0 enabled, so according to Lacie theoretical speeds (on USB 2.0) should reach 5GB/s.  The casing of the drive is made from aluminum, making it not only rugged but lightweight at just 6.4oz.

The Lacie P’9223 Slim hard drive by Porsche Design is available now and includes a 2 year warranty.

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