Whether you enjoy coffee from a french press or something like the Hario V60 Ceramic – Editor’s Choice/Best Pour Over Coffee Maker, you’ll like this one.

Do you love coffee? Really love coffee, in an artisanal, hipster, tech-adopting sort of way? Then chances are good that you will also love the Poppy Pour-Over, which combines a new type of coffee maker with all the mobile tech you could want.

The hourglass-like coffeemaker – plus its hardware-heavy adjacent column – looks about as hip as possible, with beans in the top and coffee in the bottom. There’s a collection of presets so that you can brew coffee based on individual instructions from roasters on how to treat their beans (what, surely you buy beans from a boutique roaster?), and a burr grinding method designed to hold in as much flavor as possible. You can change water temperature, grind size, and brew time on the fly to customize until you reach your perfect cup of coffee.

What makes the Pour-Over more unique is the focus on software. You see, this Poppy product uses the smart home automation app Wink to control the coffeemaker from a distance. Whether you want to change the temperature, specify how much coffee to make, or monitor your grind setting, you can do it all from a distance, like the comfort of your bed or at a long red light in your car.


Interestingly, the app also uses the Dash Replenishment Service from Amazon.com. It can sense when you need more coffee beans or coffee filters, and then automatically order your favorite brand straight from your Amazon account so that you never go without. The Wink app will give you updates when it’s time for a new order. The idea of automatic reordering may make you feel nervous, but we are talking about coffee here – surely this is a case of it being used for the forces of good?

The Poppy Pour-Over isn’t quite available yet, and is just one of the product lineup that Poppy is planning on releasing in the near future. You can sign up on the site for more information about prices and release dates.

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  1. The biggest design flaw I see with this is putting the grinder right above the brew area. Cuisinart did this with the Grind and Brew line and the steam from the freshly brewed coffee clogs up the grinder making it very difficult to clean. The second problem as mentioned is temperature. I have a three year old Bonavita I use every day and it is still going strong and makes temp perfect coffee.

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