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Polycarbonate Vs. Aluminum Keyboard Cases

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Whether you’re looking to build your own device or are researching the best keyboards online, one part that should not go unstudied is the case. The keyboard’s case is the structure that holds the printed chipboard and switches in place, and techies debate which material is best. This article will compare polycarbonate vs aluminum keyboard cases, what makes each unique, and which might best suit your needs.


  • Casing material protects the switches and essential electrical components inside of a keyboard.
  • The various types of material offer different durabilities, weights, and aesthetic benefits.
  • Polycarbonate material is light and durable, and aluminum is durable and has an outstanding style.

When buying a new device, it’s crucial to investigate all the basic specs. To learn more, we have some great articles comparing hot-swap vs soldered keyboards and linear switches vs clicky switches.

Insider Tip

If you’re purchasing an aluminum keyboard, check to see if the aluminum casing is anodized. Anodized metal lasts longer and has a better finish.

Differences Between Polycarbonate vs Aluminum Keyboard Case

All mechanical keyboards come with a casing plate to house the switches. And depending on what material that plate is made from, it can affect your setup’s overall protection and aesthetic.

Polycarbonate can be thought of as a premium plastic. It looks and feels similar to plastic, but it’s more durable and has a smoother texture than a plastic case. On the other hand, aluminum plates are often considered a more premium option, as they are heavier and have a slick look.

Casing preference is mainly subjective, but we’ll compare a few key areas to help you understand the differences.

If you want to read up on additional case materials, we have another article comparing aluminum vs brass plate keyboards. And for those building their keyboard and are researching tactile switches, you can look into our article that covers Razer green switches vs Cherry green switches.


Both keyboard case types are incredibly durable. Even though polycarbonate is made out of softer materials, it’s not wimpy. Polycarbonate is more durable because it doesn’t bend or scrape as quickly as metal plate materials. You can find our guide on the best hot-swappable keyboards to compare some of the more durable models on the market. Additionally, the case can have an effect on how loud the keyboard is, so if you are concerned about noise level, check out our list of great quiet keyboards.

Creative Design

Either type of material comes in a wide variety of color options and designs. However, overall, aluminum cases are sought for their look and are popular among gamers and live-streamers. Another highly desired area of aesthetic expression is the keyboard’s backlighting. For more, you can visit our guide on the best-backlit keyboards.


Some find that aluminum plates make a hollow, echoey sound. To fix this, you can add soundproofing material to the interior of the casing or install linear switches.


Aluminum plates are more eco-friendly and recyclable. On the other hand, polycarbonate options are recyclable, but their production is more harmful to the environment.

STAT: Polycarbonate casing has an impact strength that is 200 times greater than glass. (source)

Polycarbonate vs Aluminum Keyboard Case FAQs

What are the benefits of a brass keyboard case?

Brass plates are the most durable and rigid of all the keyboard casings. It’s hard to bend them even when applying strong force.

Is it possible to change the material of your keyboard case?

Most cases have slightly different fittings and sizes. Therefore, swapping out keyboard cases and changing materials is usually not an option.

What is the cheapest option for keyboard plates?

Plastic will be the cheapest, followed by polycarbonate. Then the metal options, such as aluminum and brass, will be more expensive.

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