Early last December we took a look at the Addonics NAS adapter.  In short, it enables any storage drive with a USB interface to become a NAS.  In just a few weeks time they’ll face some stiff competition from the Pogoplug.  Although the Pogoplug is $24 more and lacks a Bit Torrent server (it could be modded via Linux to include this, so says Erik), it can be plugged into a USB Hub allowing multiple drives to be accessed.  So yes, it costs more than the Addonics NAS Adapter, but you’ll only need to purchase one adapter to access multiple drives and thus the savings.  Notably, they’ve also built an iPhone application enabling easy access to your files no matter your location. If you’re not sure about this adapter, also take a look at Gadget Review’s Addonics NAS adapter review.

The Pogoplug will ship sometime  in March.  You can preorder one now for $20 off the regular price of $99.

From Addonics’ website:

Q: Can I attached an USB hub to the NAS adapter to have multiple hard drives on the Network?
A: No. The NAS adapter does not support USB hub

From Pogoplug’s website:

Q: Can I attach multiple hard drives to my Pogoplug?
A: Yes! Use a USB hub with your Pogoplug and you can attach multiple hard drives that all show up under your account.


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