PlayStation 4: Where to Buy + List of Stores at Midnight

Update: There’s a buy two PS4 game, get 1 free deal going on Target. Online and in-store depending on stocks. Ends this Saturday.

Tomorrow, November 15th marks the US release date of Sony’s next-gen console PlayStation 4. For those who need the new console tomorrow but epic failed to pre-order you’re out of luck online (seriously, its sold out everywhere). However, the truly diligent can pull an all nighter since a few stores open at midnight and will have a limited quantity available to sell beyond pre-orders. If you’re heading to the stores in the next couple of hours.. here are some suggested locations depending on where you live:

Stores that open at midnight:

  • Best Buy: Your best bet might be Best Buy. Select stores open up at 12:01am. According to their website: “Our stores will have limited quantities available beyond the quantity that was pre-ordered. Tickets will be distributed up to 2 hours before midnight on a first-come, first-serve basis”. To confirm your local BB will be open at midnight, you can check here. Preorders will be on hold for 8 days, after which they will once again be available for sale… if you miss out at midnight 8 days later might be a chance to get one someone did not claim.
  • Walmart: Wally World is a similar situation to Best Buy. Those who preordered will have the option to pick up at midnight will be put in one line, and those who are looking a chance to buy day-of will be put in another. Like BB – there’s a limited quantity on a first come first serve basis.
  • GameStop: Will start lining people up at 6PM today (Thursday) and handing out tickets. Those who have preordered will of course be given theirs, but extra consoles are expected to be at every location. Those who have not preordered and are in line, will be handed out tickets to buy at midnight.
  • Meijer: is a regional retailer, but here’s a list of stores that open at midnight and are expected to have excess PS4 units.
  • Microcenter: will open at 11PM 11/14 and release PS4’s at 12:01 AM on 11/15.
  • Sony Stores

Other Stores not opening at midnight to consider:

  • Target: Stores will open up at 8AM.
  • K-Mart: On Friday will have some excess units available for “Save Your Way Rewards Members” on a first come first served basis.
  • Toys R’ Us: Will not have a midnight opening, but will sell units when the store opens up.
  • Sears: Technically says its available online, but clicking to buy won’t get you anywhere… maybe you’ll be able to buy on the 11/15 release day?

Are you buying a PlayStation 4 at midnight? Or Day One? Or will you wait a little bit longer until this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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