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Play Super Mario Bros Right In Your Browser Thanks to HTML 5

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A huge part of my childhood was the Nintendo.  My first memory playing the system was at a friend’s house. I was instantly in love with it.  Upon returning home I pestered my Mom for one, and after nagging relentlessly, I received my very own.  Hooking up the system was a complex process, that I can also remember to this day.  In retrospect it was nothing more than one cable and power cord, but when you’re a kid, it was like quantum physics.

Fast forward almost 30 years later and you can now play Super Mario Bros in your web browser.   Full Screen Mario as it’s been titled, is a full HTML 5 remake of the original game.  It’s not clear if all levels are available to play, but since there is level editor, and the project is completely open source, it stands to reason that there is more than enough to hold your attention, at least for the better part of an afternoon.

And while you might think the controls would be slow and sluggish, they’re anything but.  Your keyboards arrow keys controls Mario’s direction of travel, the space bar jumps, and the shift key fires and also doubles as a sprint button.

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