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Plantronics Backbeat Go Bluetooth Earbuds

Take a single glance at the Backbeat Go Earbuds from Plantronics and you’d never assume that they’re of the Bluetooth ilk.  After all, most Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are bulky thanks to the wireless components and battery.  But some how Plantronics has managed to over come that feat with intelligent design and engineering.

Hidden in the right earbud is a battery and micro USB port for charging.  There is an inline music controller as seen on many ear buds, allowing you to stop and play tracks, skip forwards or backwards between songs and mute the volume by double tapping either the volume plus or minus button.  Plantronics provides a variety of ear tips sizes, which hopefully address the variation in ear sizes, though they also included a looped stabilizer that wraps the ear in case you they aren’t a snug fit or you’re looking to exercise with them; making them an awesome workout headphones.

Inside the earbuds are 6mm Neodymium magnets, which PCMag says produce good, but not great audio quality.  As with most ear buds you’ll have to accomplish a solid seal with your ear to achieve any significant bass response, but often that’s the difference in a pair of decent earbuds and not.  However, keep in mind that these are of the Bluetooth ilk so don’t expect sound quality to be on par with their wired counterparts.

Amazon has them available for preorder for $99.99.

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