PlantLink Brings Out Your Inner Gardener, Monitor Your Garden With Your Phone


I envy those who have a green thumb. Unlike them, my plants are often dead within a few weeks. It’s not that I don’t try, either, but I just don’t have a knack for gardening. PlantLink hopes to help those like me keep a harder thriving for longer than a week! The Internet-connected system provides you with all the necessary info needed to grow your own veggies, flowers and plants – all from the convenience of your phone! All you have to do is place the links to your plants and you’ll never have to worry about incorrectly watering them ever again!


The links use a time-tested electrical resistive method that measures your plants’ soil moisture levels, with their automatically generated watering schedules taking into account variables that are associated with different plant types. It’ll basically provide you with the exact formula on how much water is needed, etc. to keep your plants flourishing (and alive). It also can analyze your watering history.  You can create custom alerts in its app to notify you when your plants need to be watered or have even been overwatered. You can also check on your plants anywhere at any time, so if you’ve left them with a friend while on vacation, you can make sure everything is okay with them. The entire system goes for $79 with additional links going for $35 (each system can support up to 64 links).


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