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Pixio FreeSync Certified Productivity Warranty Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sleek and AMD Radeon FreeSync certified, this monitor and its warranty is an affordable combination that’s cheaper than the Viotek GN24CB Curved 1440p Monitor price. Though not featured in the best 1440p monitor buying guide, the Pixio PX275H stands out as being a productivity gaming hybrid monitor. It provides HDR, WQHD, and the option of adding computer accessories to enhance some features. If you prefer a monitor that has everything you want, check out our review of some of the best computer monitors around.

Why We Like It – Pixio FreeSync Certified Productivity Warranty

The Pixio PX275H is an affordable monitor for gamers that also happens to have G-Sync compatibility. Whether gaming, watching videos, or just typing documents, this display reveals it all in clear images and vibrant colors. The IPS, DCI-P3, and low blue light features are nice bonuses. Another bonus would be a great warranty, but if it’s not offered then try the Amazon Asurion protection plan, and see if it’s worth it.

Another affordable curved monitor brand with FreeSync capabilities is Viotek. Read more about this monitor with our Viotek GNV32DB G-Sync ready FreeSync warranty zero-tolerance review.

  • Great image quality
  • Widescreen display
  • FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility
  • Only adjustable by tilting
  • Speakers are less than desirable


Like the Dell 27 inch led lit monitor S2719DGF, it has Wide Quad HD. Though, unlike that monitor, the Pixio has a refresh rate of 95 Hz, and it’s used to utilize the properties of the DCI-P3 wonderfully, especially when connected to a PC via DisplayPort. What really makes it stand out is how it contains FreeSync technology and is G-Sync compatible. And, if it has flicker-free tech, that’s another plus. These options, combined with the contrast ratio of 1000:1, can be a modern gamer’s wish come true.

Although these options are considered the best for gaming, you may feel inclined to connect a TV as a second monitor. The graphics can look much better.

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Similar to the BenQ EW3270U PS4 Pro, this Pixio FreeSync/productivity gaming hybrid has a simple and sleek design with decent size proportions and dust build-up prevention properties. It only weighs 10.14 lbs., weighing significantly less than the Samsung 27 inch curved monitor LC27JG56QQNXZA. The monitor’s casing and the stand are both made of durable plastic material, with the stand having the ability to steadily hold and adjust the screen without creaking. Unfortunately, the monitor can only be adjusted by tilting.

Sadly, this may not be the best monitor for reading documents if your only adjustment option is to tilt. You may want to check out alternative monitors instead.

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For a monitor that contains IPS, HDR, WQHD, and flat AMD Radeon FreeSync properties, the price is surprisingly merciful, even before factoring in the possibility of free shipping. It comes with 1 x HDMI cable, and 1 x power cable. It’s an option that can satisfy casual users, gamers, and office workers. Though it may need to be calibrated before users first use it, it blends performance and quality even before installing any add-ons.

Great performance and low price isn’t limited to just this monitor. In fact, you’ll find better options with our ViewSonic XG2401 G-Sync review.

Pixio FreeSync Certified Productivity Warranty Wrap Up

The refresh rate, AMD Radeon FreeSync, and the fact that it has a 27 inch, WQHD, widescreen is what makes this monitor more than worth its price, much as you’ll find in our write-up of the LG 27GL650F B 27-inch full HD Ultragear G-Sync compatible gaming monitor. Unlike any other type of monitor, IPS types can sacrifice response time for quality. So to fix that, users get to experience AMD Radeon Freesync productivity to the extent of AMD Radeon productivity gaming.

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