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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Pioneer Wallet is certainly giving off vibes quite similar to other Best Cool Wallets. It breaks the mold a bit by introducing patterns to its plain color finishes, a welcome change. It certainly fits among the Best Front Pocket Wallet with such a slim profile and still manages to handle 6 cards and cash.

Why We Like It – Pioneer Wallet

Highly durable and machine washable, the Pioneer Wallet boasts a long lifespan. On top of that, its ultra-thin profile can hide 6 cards and cash without breaking a sweat. Did we mention it was water-resistant, too?

  • Holds up to 6 cards + cash
  • Ultra-slim, minimalist design
  • Machine washable
  • Can bulge at maximum capacity
  • Overpriced


Sometimes less is more, but the Pioneer Wallet takes that sentiment and adds a bit of flare. Its fabric-like appearance comes in solid colors, but patterns were added to break up the monotony of said flat colors. The evergreen finish is particularly pleasing to the eyes. Even the simpler finishes look far superior to the Crabby Wallet.


That fabric-like aesthetic isn’t just for show either; it’s incredibly durable. Made of polyethylene (plastic), the Pioneer Wallet has a long shelf life of several years. And don’t worry about dust and grim because it’s machine washable, water-resistant, sweat-resistant, and does a great job repelling dirt.


But here’s where the magic falters a bit. The Pioneer Wallet holds six cards in total, plus a few bills. For the normal person, that’s riding the line of being just enough. Pioneer essentially took a bifold wallet, then reworked its features into a two-sided wallet. Unfortunately, cards and money are all it can hold, a weakness it shares with the Herschel Charlie Wallet. However, if you want a wallet that can handle 6 cards, the Alchemy Goods Night Out Wallet is a better option as it also has a plastic ID window.

Size & Versatility

The Pioneer Wallet isn’t just slim; it is ultra-slim. Measuring 107 mm x 74 mm x 4 mm in size, you likely won’t even notice it’s in your front or back pocket. However, stuffing it to its maximum capacity can add some considerable bulge, enough to be annoyed.


For all that the Pioneer Wallet offers—design, features, performance—it simply isn’t worth the $65 unless you need a long-lasting wallet. Its machine-washable properties extend lifespan. However, that price is a big hump to overcome, so you might be more interested in the Vaultskin Notting Hill Wallet for its better versatility and price.

Pioneer Wallet Wrap Up

With everything the Pioneer Wallet offers and how it presents itself, it might be one of the better slim, minimalist’s wallets. Six cards are the bare minimum, but that’s the goal. Its plastic base makes it highly durable, better than leather. And you can keep it looking good, thanks to its machine-washable properties.

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