Pinnacle Arkose R2 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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A road bike that comes with a whole lot of features ranging from numerous gears to easily and quickly shift through as well as powerful hydraulic brakes, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 Road bike comes with all the qualities of one of the best bikes out there. You even get a great amount of comfortability with seating and handling, all while coming at a pretty good price. Now, with a much better build than the Tommaso Bike, it may be slightly higher priced, but even with replacements for the possibly faulty tires and wheel rims, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 still manages to retain it’s worth as one of the best road bikes out there.

Why We Like It – Pinnacle Arkose R2

Coming with an lightweight alloy frame that is also pretty solid as well as a fork fully made of carbon, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 bike is an amazingly lightweight bike that lets you convert all of your strength into speed. You even get 22 gears from a Shimano shifter and hydraulic disc brakes to make sure you can accelerate and stop whenever you need to with ease. And so with all of that and different sizes to be compatible with you, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 may just be the perfect road bike for you.

  • 22 different speeds to browse through
  • Powerful Brakes
  • Lightweight frame and fork
  • Provided tires are reported to puncture easily


To start of with the frame of the build, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 Road Bike comes with a 6013-T6 heat treated alloy frame which is both durable and light, allowing you to travel in fast speeds whilst also not having to put up with as heavy a weight as that of the Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike or even the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike. Moreover, the Carbon fork within the build also adds to lower weight whilst allowing the bike to dampen the vibrations from bumps and potholes. It even makes much better steering with the ergonomic build of the Pinnacle 6061 alloy handlebars and the triple butted top tube, down tube and the smooth wielding throughout the frame. But if you’d love a bulkier bike then you should check out our Mongoose Dolomite mountain bike review.

Apart from that, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 provides you with some smooth gear shifting thanks to the Shimano 105 R7000 shifter and the front and rear derailleurs from the same groupset. While this does provide you with some easy shifting between the 22 speeds, it also makes for some easy maintenance processes as you can find all the parts with ease from the same place. This is also the same groupset that is used in the more higher performing and simultaneously expensive, Pinnacle Arkose D3 Road Bike, adding to the premium feel of the Pinnacle Arkose R2.

Furthermore, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 comes with Shimano 105 R7000 hydraulic disc brakes which provide a good amount of stopping power, allowing you to accelerate up and down roads with ease, stopping whenever you want to. Now, coming to the drawback of the Pinnacle Arkose R2, while the 700c 32 hole rim wheels are great, the tires themselves aren’t so. Despite being advertised as a gravel bike, which it is actually, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 comes with WTB Exposure 30c TCS Distance + Tires which are unfortunately reported to puncture easily in many reviews from customers at evans cycles. They can however, be changed without too high a cost which would in turn leave you with one of the best gravel bikes you can get.

Other than that, with the Pinnacle men’s road seat as the saddle and the number of different sizes it is available in, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 is a pretty comfortable bike to ride through the roads for both a morning stroll and occasional friendly races. And while you will have to get the pedals yourself, which allows for a good amount of customizability, you do get mudguard mounts, making sure no mud or puddle of water gets to you.


Weighing about 9.8kg or 21.6lbs for the small size, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 is actually lighter than the Pinnacle Arkose R1 as well as the D3. This makes it a bit easy to carry up or down stairs whilst also allowing you to ride faster. It doesn’t however come with a kickstand and so may be a bit hard to park.

As for the design, it’s perfect for both commuting and racing performance, but do know that you won’t get as great a look as the SixThreeZero Bike as there are no colour options. But with its size and design it is compatible for both men and women and is available in different sizes with a decently aesthetic design. You may want to check out our Schwinn loop folding bike review if you’d love a bike that can be folded.


Priced at about $1560 or rather £1,250 officially, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 is much less expensive than the Arkose X which performs in more or less the same level. And although it is more expensive than the Tommaso Imola, it does still provide you with a better riding experience and performance. And so, if you’re someone interested in getting started in road racing and also a fast bike that can help you with commuting, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 is a great bike with a great value. You’ll just have to spend slightly more with the tires though.

Pinnacle Arkose R2 Wrap Up

Providing you with both performance and a great design, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 is one of the best road bikes out there. It comes with 22 speeds and with some pretty powerful brakes. And although you may have to change the tires, it will still be worth it as a bike that can be used for both road racing and commuting. Thus, with all that and a pretty good price for those who want to start out or are looking for a good deal on a road racing bike, the Pinnacle Arkose R2 may just be the perfect bike for you.