Pikaplant One Makes Keeping Plants As Easy As Possible

Everybody likes plants, but plants are work; you’ve got to care for them, you’ve got to water them, you’ve got to get them squared away. Some of us just simply don’t have the time or the ability to get a plant and make sure it’s OK. And that’s where the Pikaplant One can help.

Plant Needs Water Badly

Here’s what you do, once a month: Fill the Pikaplant One’s reservoir at the top of the shelving system. Really. That’s it. That’s all you do. As long as you’re around once a month, you can have an entire wall of plants. If you want to upgrade the aesthetic of your room, you might also want to read about how Flyte’s floating bulb makes you feel like Tesla… for a price.

Essentially, the Pikaplant One is designed to work like a rainforest, where the reservoir is the cloud cover and the shelves are the dirt.

Wet Fabric Is A Good Thing For Once

Essentially, the reservoir drips water down through the units and into the shelves themselves. The shelves are made of a special, absorbent fabric that brings up the water. The plants rests on the shelves can then reach the water through the drainage hold built into your standard pot. As long as you fill the reservoir and they get enough sunlight, the plants will thrive and you can enjoy their oxygen. They, in turn, will enjoy not dying of thirst because you had eight trips to make this month.

Plant Power


Keeping plants may seem like a bit of a hippie-ish thing to do, but there are real benefits. A plant in a room can make it happier, make it feel brighter, keep it oxygenated, and even help you reduce stress levels. Also, realistically, a plant can cover for a lot of terrible design choices. A wall of plants may not make your apartment perfect, but it’ll sure make it a lot more habitable.

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