PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you’re more than a casual gamer, and you want the most out of your games, you need the best mouse for the job. However, gaming can get expensive. You want a great mouse, but you also want to stay within budget. To solve both problems, you should consider the PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse. It’s design, performance, and price make it a great computer mouse for gaming and other tasks.

Why We Like It – PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse Review

A great PC gaming mouse to have on a budget, thanks to its 7 programmable buttons, wide variety of DPI levels and polling rates—while being very affordable.

  • Adjustable DPI, up to 7200
  • Programmable buttons
  • Adjustable polling rate, up to 1000Hz
  • Slightly cheap
  • Wired cable isn’t braided


What makes the PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse so good for gaming is three necessary traits: adjustable DPI levels, adjustable polling rates, and wired connection. DPI levels can be adjusted to a maximum of 7200 or as low as 1200. Polling rates range between 125Hz and 1000Hz, so you’ll always have the DPI and mouse speeds that you desire for any given game. And since it’s wired, and not wireless, the time it takes for the game to react to your inputs is significantly lower than what a wireless mouse would be.

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Aside from performance, overall design is where the PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse falters ever so slightly. It feels a little cheap, nor is the wired cable braided. Negatives aside, it has 7 mouse buttons in total and each one is programmable. There’s plenty of curves and concaves for your hand to fit comfortably on, unlike the near flat design of the Apple Magic Mouse 2. It comes with RGB, breathing light that cycles. You can control DPI levels with the middle buttons.

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After considering everything the PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired has to offer—its performance, design, and additional features—we can definitely give it our seal of great value. If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse on a budget, one that doesn’t rely on batteries or wireless connection, this is what you want. It doesn’t just improve your gaming performance, but it looks good, too. If you’re having trouble choosing between gaming mice like the VicTsing MM057 or Logitech M510, we would definitely recommend the PICTEK over those two.

PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse Review Wrap Up

The PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse makes a few small sacrifices to bring you its great performance, and that’s the less than stellar build quality and lack of a braided cable. In return, you have 7 programmable buttons and a wide variety of DPI levels and polling rates to choose from. In the end, you’ll always have the settings you need for every game, from MOBA to FPS.

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