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Looking for the best gaming keyboard can be a nightmare, especially on a budget. The best keyboards come with great features after all. How do you find a high performing gaming keyboard without spending outrageous prices? It’s possible with the PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard. Its solid durability and anti-ghosting support is a nice middleground to make a decision.

Why We Like It – PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Solid build quality and better performance to boot, this PICTEK keyboard is the perfect middle-of-the-road option for those who want a gaming keyboard without spending $100 or more.

  • Anti-ghosting support
  • Solid durability
  • Good budget option
  • Isn’t a mechanical keyboard
  • Lacks any utility software


Our gaming experience on the PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard was so close to matching the best gaming keyboards on our list, even for a membrane keyboard. One great feature was its anti ghosting keys. Key rollover supports up to 25 keys being pressed at the same time. With the right software, you can turn them into programmable keys and create intricate macros. If you’re really into PC gaming, like MMOs, this feature is a godsend. It easily outclassed the Rii RK100+.


As mentioned before, this is not an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard—it’s membrane. It does not use Cherry MX keys or mechanical switches of any kind. However, what this wired keyboard features is quite a high quality build. It’s waterproof and dustproof, and the keys themselves are quite tactile. It takes about 55g of actuation force, with a very slim 4.0mm travel distance, so reacting to things can be done much quicker.

It has multimedia keys in addition to RGB lighting modes; it is a RGB keyboard after all, with tons of color options. The wrist rest is okay, but nothing fancy. If mechanical keyboards are your thing, the Redragon K552 is excellent for budget, and the Razer Huntsman for optimal performance.


The PICTEK Gaming Keyboard’s performance and surprisingly high quality design make it worth its $23 price tag. We’d even go for its LED backlit keyboard and gaming mouse combo for the extra $13. However, we would’ve liked a little more, specifically a good utility software for the keyboard. Still, if you’re someone who’s building a gaming rig and are looking to cut a few corners, pick up a PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard. You’re saving money and getting a great gaming keyboard.

PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard Review Wrap Up

The PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard did very little to disappoint us. For gaming, it worked as intended and more so, especially with its anti-ghosting keys. It’s got a nice built quality—not feeling too cheap. What hurts is the lack of utility software, though plenty exist to work with it. Furthermore, mechanical keyboards are preferable over membrane, but its price is hard to argue with.

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