Some people just want to watch the world burn – while others simply prefer to scribble all over it. The Phree stylus is for the latter group, an innovative smart pen designed to let you doodle down ideas anywhere, on anything.

“Make the world your paper,” insists Phree, and it certainly seems to shine on a long commute or when you just want to stroll around and casually jot something down without typing little letters on your smartphone. Pictures show people using Phree to “write” on their dashboards, chair arms, café tables, and more. The movement is immediately translated to real, digital doodles on your smartphone or tablet, depending on what mobile device you prefer (also laptops, TVs, and other hardware). In a pinch, you can even write on your own hand or arm.

Phree works via Bluetooth and aims for inclusivity. Not only will it work with anything, it also has quite a bit of software compatibility. You can transfer your notes to Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber, and other apps. Whether you are recording equations, doodling a cartoon hamster, or making notes for the upcoming business meeting, you can choose the software and background that makes the most sense. It can also be programmed to detect emoji, different languages, and more.


While this free Phree writing may be ideal on the go, it doesn’t seem quite as appealing in the classroom or office, which is probably why the company includes a lot of additional functionality. It can act as a Bluetooth mouse, you can use it as a headset, and it even has a tiny little screen you can use to exchange texts.

The price, however, is a little high. With most of the early bird specials already gone, you will have to pay around $170 to get a Phree smart pen, which may be a little high for the average student or commuter.

Tyler Lacoma

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