PhotoJojo’s “You-Vision” Video Recording Hipster Glasses For The Inner Pervert


As Hipsters are wearing uglier and uglier glasses these days, this pair of video recording glasses should totally slip through the instant judgement meter unnoticed. These cool guy glasses have a 320×240 pixel video camera embedded between the lenses and is triggered by a press of a button off to the side. We don’t know if Eyeconic – The Best Place to Buy Glasses Online – has started offering these, but the online retailer does offer a mind blowing range of contact lenses and prescription glasses.

The glasses have 2Gb’s worth of memory which roughly equates to 5 hours worth of footage at 25 FPS.  With swappable lenses (shaded), the internal rechargeable lithium battery also lasts for 5 hours.  Upload your sleazy antics via USB and you can really embrace the voyeur savant you’ve always dreamed of becoming.  On sale now for $150.

[via Dvice]


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