What is the Philips Toothbrush Warranty?

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Updated May 6, 2023

When perusing bathroom appliance insurance plans, you come across the Philips toothbrush warranty. When you purchase a new Philips toothbrush, you also receive a standard manufacturer’s warranty of two years. This manufacturer’s warranty handles issues caused by factory errors but does not cover accidental damage, similar to a standard GearWrench tools warranty.


  • Philips electric toothbrush products, like the Philips Sonicare toothbrush line, ship with a two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • You can get an extra six months by registering your product with Philips via proof of purchase, though this warranty policy only covers defects in materials and manufacturing errors for personal care products.
  • For a boost in coverage to handle normal wear and tear, choose a third-party insurance plan provider via various contact methods.

Do Philips Toothbrushes Ship With a Warranty?

Yes, Philips electric toothbrushes ship with a fairly robust manufacturer warranty of two years, just like a Milwaukee Impact wrench warranty. The specifics of this warranty dictate that the toothbrush itself should be free of all manufacturing issues and material defects, just like a Seagate hard drive warranty. However, this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage, just like when performing Dell warranty checks. Also, the warranty does not cover the brush heads, as these are intended to be replaced every few months.

Insider Tip

Make sure to register your toothbrush with Philips as soon as you open it to make sure you get that extra six months of coverage.

Tips to Extend Toothbrush Coverage

Modern electric toothbrushes are significant investments when compared to disposable, non-electric toothbrushes, so additional insurance and extended warranty coverage are always appreciated. Here is how to improve the coverage beyond the initial two-year manufacturing warranty period.

Extend the Warranty With Philips

Philips does not offer a robust insurance product like AppleCare+ or Samsung Care, but you are not left out in the cold here. In addition to the 24-month manufacturer warranty that ships with Sonicare and related electric toothbrushes, the company gives an extra six months of warranty coverage for free, so long as you register the device as soon as possible with Philips. This adds up to 30 months of standard coverage. It is worth noting, however, that this is still just a standard manufacturer warranty and does not offer coverage for accidental damage or normal wear and tear.

Go With Dedicated Insurance

Not only does Philips not offer an extended warranty or insurance coverage to handle normal wear and tear, but they offer no coverage for brush heads and other must-have accessories. In some cases, they don’t even cover the charger. For robust coverage, go with a third-party plan offered by Akko, Asurion, and other dedicated providers. These plans not only extend your warranty’s lifespan but also add standard insurance coverage to handle accidental damage, theft, normal wear and tear, and more. These plans range in price, so read the fine print.

STAT: In 1987, David Giuliani, an entrepreneur with a background in electrical engineering, met with the University of Washington professors Drs. David Engel and Roy Martin. They formed a new company named GEMTech, and the Sonicare toothbrush was introduced in November 1992 at a periodontal convention. (source)

Philips Toothbrush Warranty FAQs

Is the warranty and repair process free?

Yes, so long as you meet the requirements of the product warranty, there should be no charge for repairs or replacements, though this depends on the consequential damages of the toothbrush or other household products.
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