The Philips StyleXpert Beardtrimmer 9000 With Laser Guide Provides Accurate Trimming

Trimming your beard can sometimes be a headache. I know it is for my husband. He’ll spend hours trying to line up his ‘stache so that it’s just right only to screw up one side and have to shave it all and start growing it again. The Philips StyleXpert Beardtrimmer 9000 hopes to eliminate that headache with its unique laser guidance system that projects a sharp line of light to pre-align your style before you trim. It will point out where the hairs will be cut so you get it right every time. The laser guide allows for precise and symmetric results so that you don’t mess up and have to shave it all off only to wait a few weeks to grow it out and start all over again.

Plus, its skin-friendly, high-performance blades provide for the perfect trim that won’t irritate the skin. Its zoom wheels locks in your chosen length setting for even more precision. The dual-sided reversible trimmer gives you the versatility to create your unique look with one side that has  the 1 17/64″ (32mm) high-performance trimmer, which cuts very close while protecting your skin. On the other side, the 5/8″ (15mm) precision trimmer creates a detailed look, even in those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose and around the mouth. Then when you’re all done, you’ll have no problem cleaning it since it’s water-resistant. Just rinse under your sink’s tap and you’re done! Enhance your beard trimming skills for only $99.99.



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