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So many indoor grills are popping up in the market nowadays that finding the Best Grills has become a hassle. But the Philips Smokeless Grill is definitely something you should consider taking a look at if you are searching for the Best Electric Grill. On top of that, it also incorporates a few functionalities of infrared grills. So, it should also be somewhere around the top of your sorted list, in case you are looking for the Best Infrared Grill.

Why We Like It – Philips Smokeless Grill

Few build quality issues aside, at its current price, the Philips Smokeless Grill is a fantastic indoor BBQ grill to buy. As the name suggests, this Philips grill produces way less smoke compared to other brands (e.g., George Foreman grills). The grill surface is coated with a fantastic non stick material for added convenience.

  • More efficient compared to open flame gas grills
  • Smoke less indoor grill
  • Most parts are dishwasher safe
  • Mostly plastic parts

Power & Heating

The heating element inside this Philips smokeless indoor grill is a 1660 Watt one. But, unlike the Weber Q1400, it doesn’t go above 446 degrees Fahrenheit. And that is pretty much mainly because of the open nature and the big cooking surface of this smokeless indoor BBQ grill.

Size & Versatility

This Philips indoor electric grill is definitely as small as the Zojirushi Indoor grill. But, its size is perfect even for tailgating. And as far as smokeless grills go, it is pretty versatile and safe to operate. Also, the weight of this Philips indoor grill is not too much of a problem, all in all.


This is the part where the Philips smoke less indoor grill gets beaten badly by other brands. It comes with a plastic build on the outside, something that is pretty actively hated by grilled food enthusiasts. Even the George Foreman Electric Grill GGR50B (costs less than half the asking price of this smoke free grill) comes with a full metal body.

Ease Of Use

Even though Philips advertises this grill as a smoke less infrared grill, it is mainly an electric grill in reality. While the infrared heat does help this non stick grill reach its maximum temperature, it is not the primary source of heat at all.


Overall, this infrared grill is a pretty good value for money cooking grill at its current price. Just make sure that you’re not spending anything above 200 bucks on it. Because the main selling point of this non stick grill is, almost no other smoke less infrared grill sports a non stick coating on its grill grates at this range.

Philips Smokeless Grill Wrap Up

For tailgating purposes, the Philips Smokeless Grill is a phenomenal open grill to go for. It’s a grill that offers the best of both worlds with its electric heating element, and the infrared heating technology inside.

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