PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200 Review

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Updated January 10, 2023
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There’s a lot of air pollution going around in the world right now, and this might cause future respiratory problems to anyone that’s not too careful about the quality of the air they’re breathing in. This also includes man-made chemicals, which are the primary causes of volatile organic compounds.

A first step that you could take to try and minimize the amount of polluted air that you breathe in would be to purchase a car air purifier like the Philips GoPure Compact 200. It has pretty impressive features, and if you intend to use it alone in your car, it could be the best air purifier you could use.

Sit tight as we go through some of the reasons why it could be the best car air purifier around, and see whether it would be worth purchasing.

Why We Like It – PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200

The Philips GoPure Compact 200 is a small yet powerful air purifier that guarantees fresh air inside your car. It’s one of the most reliable car air purifiers on the market, and is fitted with 2-speed settings that allow you to adjust filtration power, as well as an LED indicator that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter. For another compact unit that’s tall and thin, read our SilverOnyx air purifier review.

  • 3 Stage filtration process
  • 2 Speed setting
  • Filter Change indicator
  • No ionization


Unlike the NWK portable cordless ozone air purifier, the Philips GoPure Compact 200 weighs only 2.6 pounds, and is guaranteed to improve the air quality in your car thanks to its 3 stage filtration process. It’s got a pre-filter that captures hair & pet dander, a HEPA filter that removes dust, pollen, smoke bacteria, and harmful gases, and a HESA filter that deals with bad odors. This process eliminates up to 99% of harmful fine particles, with the main difference between this process and that of the IQAir Atem car air purifier is that the latter has a HyperHEPA plus filter, which removes particles that are up to 0.003 microns in size. If you’d like an air purifier with no filter then our Pure Car air purifier review will come in handy.


All you will need to do to power the Philips GoPure Compact 200 is connect it to your car cigarette port, and you’ll be able to do this through its 13 ft 12 Volt cable. This means you’ll be able to mount it in different parts of the car. The unit also guarantees easy operation, and its HESA unique technology makes it capable of removing as much as 3 times the smoke that an ionizer would be able to – quite impressive. For another option that covers the size of a small room, you’ll want to read our OPOLAR EV01 digital evaporative review.


As one of the best car air purifiers around, you’ll be able to have an accurate reading of the air quality in your car thanks to a healthy air indicator on the GoPure Compact 200. This is similar to the air quality tracker that the Wynd Plus Smart Personal air purifier also has on board, but the difference between the two is that with the Compact 200, there’s an indicator on the unit itself, while on the Wynd Plus, you would need an app to get an accurate reading. Moreover, this type of filtration is different from how a Himalayan Salt air purifier works.


Backed by a 12-month warranty, the GoPure Compact 200 features great build quality, so you can expect that it’ll offer long-lasting service. You only need to make sure that you’re able to replace the filter every 6 months, and in doing so, you’ll be able to have it perform at optimum capacity.


This GoPure automotive clean air system might not have the same ionizing function that the Pure Car Air Purifier does, but it is a more reliable solution since you won’t have to dispose of it after a year as you would a Pure Car Air purifier. The Compact 200 also guarantees quiet operation, and has an automatic switch on/off button that you can use to configure it to turn on once you switch on the car. You may wanna check out our Partu Hepa air purifier review if you also want an efficient purifier for your room.

PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200 Wrap Up

The GoPure Compact 200 is certainly not like most of the air purifiers that you’ll find on the market. Its filtration process will make sure that no unwanted air particles will remain in the air, so you’ll always be able to breathe clean, fresh air without any inconveniences.

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