Philips Click & Style 3-in-1 Electric Razor Review

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Updated July 6, 2022
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Men are always looking for the best electric shaver. I’ve long used a basic electric trimmer that includes a variety of head attachments depending on what I’m manscaping.  The battery is questionably short, though that aside I like its versatility.  However, it’s not waterproof, and doesn’t include an attachment to rid my face of unwanted stubble.  So that in mind, I got my hands on the Philips Click & Style Shave Toolkit; the perfect addition to my bathroom essentials.

The Click & Style Shave Toolkit ships with 3 attachments.  To replace each head, you simply pull, remove, and pop in the other one.  Included is a Shave attachment with two rotating heads, a body hair trimmer with a rounded comb for close body party shaves, and a beard trimmer with five selectable length settings.

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The body of the Click & Style Shave Toolkit is primarily covered in a rubber finish that not only enhances grip, but makes the overall finish feel more high-end than it’s $60 price tag.  There is a single power button and two LED lights to indicate when the battery if fully charged or when it should be plugged in. This beautiful machine looks perfect with stylish bathroom gadgets and utilities. Get a stylish faucet for your bathroom sink by reading the Pfister lf042jdcc jaida bathroom faucet review.

Charging the Click & Style Shave Toolkit takes about one hour and provides about 50 minutes of shaving time.  Your mileage might vary with what attachment you’ve got in place, but for the most part this was analogous to my experience.  Replacing shave heads is an easy process, though the first time around I thought I was going to break something since there isn’t a release button. It is also easy to clean up after using this shaver. Talking about cleaning essentials, what sort of gadgets do you use to ensure your bathroom is sparkling clean? One tool you must check out is detailed in the Pumice cleaning stone handle density review.

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Keeping the Click & Style Shave Toolkit clean isn’t much of a challenge since it’s completely waterproof from, pardon the pun, head to toe.  The Shave attachment, which features two spinning heads, retains shaved stubble, negating much of the cleanup.  It splits open with the push of a button, and can be easily washed out. You’ll want to do this after each shave, otherwise its effectiveness could be reduced.

I found this particular attachment to work the best, at least when compared to the other ones.  While using a traditional razor, such as Mach 3, is a faster resolve, the Shave attachment provides a remarkably close and painless shave.  Since it’s limited to just two spinning heads you’ll have to repeat areas a few times, but unlike some other electric razors I’ve used in the past, this one didn’t pull or yank at 5 days of growth.  That all said, I suggest reducing the hair on your face, if longer than a few days, with the beard trimmer attachment sans length selector.

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The body trimmer, unlike the face attachments, has a bit more of a learning curve.  It’s outfitted with a set of teeth on either side to trim longer hairs, while the smooth comb is designed to further reduce hair length to almost nothing.  At first I was using the two independently one and other.  Wrong move on my part.  To make the most out of this attachment, you’ll want to hold the body trimmer flush to your, well, body and move back and forth.  Doing saw captures more hair and completes the process faster.

The beard trimmer is much more cut and dry.  You can use it with or without the length selector.  With the length selector in place, you can quickly choose up to 5 different length settings by toggling a small plastic switch which causes the trimmer to slide up or down, closer or further from your face.

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Unfortunately, the beard trimmer is not very good for trimming body hair.  Sure, the body trimmer isn’t designed for that, but it’s the only option that has a selectable length.  I like to manscape, but I don’t want my chest hair to be completely shorn.  So because of this I prefer my standard, Bed Bath and Beyond bought Norelco trimmer.

But that isn’t to say the Philips Click and Style isn’t worthy of its $60 price tag, because it most certainly is.  It provides an astoundingly excellent and close face shave, trims unwanted body hair with relatively ease and provides bearded individuals the necessary tool to ensure their facial hair doesn’t grow to a birds nesting length.  And it does it all in one device, making it the ideal travel companion as well as at home shaver.

Bottom Line: the ultimate manscaping tool, bar none.

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  • Waterproof – easy to clean and you can use it in the shower
  • Close shave on your face or body
  • All-in-one device


  • Body trimmer is one length only; close
  • Face shaving attachment only offers two rotary blades – adds a bit of time

You can buy the Philips Click N’ Style shaver from Amazon for $60.