Philips Announces a New HUE WiFi Light Bulb For Recessed Lighting

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Updated June 27, 2022

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Meet the new best smart light bulbs for recessed lighting.

LED light bulbs are old news. If anything, you’ll want to read our LuMini TL100 app-enabled LED color mood review for an upgrade. The same can almost be said for smartphone controllable LED light bulbs.  But that isn’t to say the tech isn’t worth a look.  In fact, as the tech becomes more ubiquitous its price will drop.  However, that’s not the case with Philips HUE lightbulb, which still costs $200 a pop for 4 of their connected bulbs. If you prefer the ease of strip lighting take a look at the best LED strip lights instead.

But at least you can now opt for a bulb that will work in your home’s ceiling.  Officially called the Philips Hue BR30 Connected Downlight Lamps, these bulbs work just like the original HUE, except instead of dispersing light in a bunch of directions, this version fires it down making them ideal for recessed lighting setups. If you want to keep external light out in your house, you’ll probably be interested in reading our Serena Shades by Lutron Electronics review.

Of course you’ll get the same energy savings, which is said to be 80% less power than a traditional light bulb.  You’ll also enjoy the same color controls, as well as white light control and dimming effects. If you prefer strip lighting to a bulb, take a look at the best warm white LED strip lights instead.

Included in the package is the necessary Philips Bridge that plugs into your home’s router.  It works much in the same way Sonos does by creating its own network.  To control the LED connected light bulb you simply need to be connected to the Web, and have the company’s accompanying iPhone (or Android) app running. For other smartphone controlled devices, check out 16 of the coolest smartphone connected appliances. And if you’re looking for a drawer light, take a glimpse at the IKEA Dioder drawer light that flips on when you open your drawer.

You can buy a Starter Pack (4 bulbs and a bridge) from the Apple store starting today for $200.  Additional bulbs costs $60.

Of note, the HUE 2 is compatible with BR30 socket types.

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