Philips Airfryer Cooks French Fries Without All The Fat

Philips Airfryer

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all eat ‘fried food’ and feel guilt free?  Well, according to Philips Electronics now you can.  The Airfryer is a counter top device that uses rapidly moving hot air to cook the food of your choice.  Philips says that it provides the same great taste as a deep fryer yet it doesn’t includes all the negative health implications as its counterpart. That sounds like the best air fryer I could hope for.

The technology is called Rapid Air Technology, which circulates 200C of hot air around whatever you stick inside it.  There is a tray for hoisting your food in, and of course a futuristic like finish.  Course, you’ll still need to flavor the food and french fries cooked in the machine call for a half a table spoon of oil.

The Philips Airfryer is set to go on sale in the coming weeks for what is probably an ungodly price.  We’re just wondering how this device is any different from an oven sporting a convection option?


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  1. I will not feel guilty on eating French fries from the Philips AirFryer as it 80% less fat without compromising on taste. What’s more is that it has a separator,i.e, cooking many things with speed.

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