Phiaton PS 202 NC’s Headphones Do Everything

More and more, headphones are crucial to getting around. Most of us need to have them just to take calls as we go about our day. So getting the right headphones, with the right features, is becoming more and more important. And Phiaton’s PS 202 NC has all the right features.

Phone Ahead

It starts with the NC in that serial number, which stands for “noise canceling.” Phiaton uses active noise canceling to filter out up to 95% of background noise, so you can hear your music, and not the people next to you yakking on the phone. Another nice touch is the re-engineered drivers, built to give you a sweeter sound when you listen. It doesn’t stop there, though. There are four different tips designed to fit into your ears comfortably, so you can keep your earbuds in when dealing with the nastier parts of your commute. The battery also lasts for twelve hours, allowing you to listen for longer without the noise canceling dying on you, and they’ll still work as conventional headphones once the battery goes. It’s even got a cable that won’t tangle and a remote that does all the functions you need with just a touch.

Heading Out

phiaton-1A good pair of headphones can make almost anything tolerable, and Phiaton is working to ensure that their gear is the very best. And at $89, you can ensure anything you hear is worth listening to.

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