Peteme 4-pack 60W Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You might’ve crossed paths with smart lighting before, and quickly turned the other way after seeing prices. You can rest easy knowing the Peteme 4-Pack 60W Smart Lights can satisfy your wants without killing your wallet. As a bonus, they change colors and support a wide range of smart devices, making them one of the best smart light bulbs on our list.

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Why We Like It – Peteme 4-pack 60W Review

A great option for someone who wants the benefit of white lighting and multiple colors, with the added feature of smart home functionality, for an affordable price.

  • Multiple color options
  • Support for Amazon Alexa Echo Google Home Siri and Smart Life app
  • Apps works well; easy to use
  • Limited to a 2.4Ghz network


Peteme 4-pack 60W Wi Fi Smart Lighting worked nearly as well as the best on our list. At 600 lumens, the Peteme bulbs are only 200 lumens dimmer than the 800 the Philips Hue White 4-Pack. Having 600 lumens was a very comfortable setting. Of course, you can alter brightness settings through its app, adjusting both lighting and coloring. Alternatively, you can voice control Peteme bulbs—including group control—with your favorite smart assistants.

Peterme’s smart bulbs aren’t limited to just Alexa or Google Assistant, either; Siri and Smart life are options, too. Philips Hue is limited to Alexa Google Home assistant. It makes the LED bulbs far more available to the public. Voice commands such as “Alexa set the bedroom to blue,” will see that your room be blue! And when you’re away, remote control Peteme Smart Bulb via app Home Away.


The Peteme 4-pack 60W Smart Bulbs are pretty generic in design, not looking very different from your typical set of TP-Link Kasa bulbs. The biggest difference with that comparison, however, is tat the Peteme bulbs change colors, not just lighting. Getting them installed and connected to your network is easy, too. Once the light bulbs have been installed, you can connect them to your network just like you would with any other network-enabled device.


What sold us on the light bulbs isn’t entirely how the E26 WiFi Multicolor Light Bulb works well, but how affordable they are compared to equivalent RGB color changing bulbs. The color smart bulb Peteme has designed shows multicolor lighting isn’t far off from your budget, with free shipping as a bonus. Compare this with the TP-Link Kasa Tunable bulbs, where you’re paying $20 for a single warm white smart bulb, you get 4 bulbs per pack. That’s $9.50 per bulb. The Bulb Peteme RGB Lighting is a great deal!

Peteme 4-pack 60W Review Wrap Up

Being limited to a 2.4GHz network is a moot point, considering you probably already have one if you have Wi-Fi. It does support Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Smart Life, with access to multiple color options through the app. And with pricing being cheap, the Peteme 4-pack 60W smart bulbs are begging to replace your old incandescent bulbs.

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