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Even some of the Best GPS Tracker options available in the market will be useless if you use it on the dog collar of a big dog. However, the Pet Finder GPS comes with an excellent pet collar for both dogs and cats. In fact, today, we are going to see if it has the potential to be the Best Cat GPS Tracker at this price.

Why We Like It – Pet Finder GPS

The Pet Finder GPS device is an excellent little GPS dog tracker if you’re a T-Mobile customer. The fact that it comes with a competent speaker inside in order to communicate with your pets no matter where they are, pretty much speaks volumes about the advanced features it comes with.

  • No monthly fees
  • Free SIM card
  • Real time activity monitoring and live tracking
  • The cell phone app is very complicated and not user-friendly at all


Unlike many other pet trackers, this dog GPS tracker is entirely dependent on T-Mobile’s 2G service. The 2G aspect can absolutely be a double-edged sword, depending on where you live. 2G gives voice call abilities we were talking about earlier. But, if you don’t have good T-Mobile coverage in your area, it will be useless. That’s why you should rather buy the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker if you don’t want to deal with all this stuff.


The battery life of this location tracking device clocks in at about 2-3 days straight on a single charge. That is not bad considering that it comes with a speaker inside. Still, if you’re not satisfied with the battery life, you should definitely go for the Whistle Cat Tracker instead.

Ease Of Use

For GPS tracking, the app does have a lot of controls for very advanced users. But unlike the Tractive GPS app, this one is very messy and not beginner-friendly at all. Even the barebones functions like the logging out option are not available. To remove your old account, you have to delete app data. And there’s a big concern about privacy too. On top of that, the T-Mobile account linking process is also very convoluted. Go with the Weenect 2 Cat Tracker if you need something that is a bit easier to use.


Compared to other GPS trackers, this one is pretty much built like a tank. Both the GPS tracker and the included dog collar are incredibly durable. And it is waterproof. So it’ll genuinely keep working no matter where your pet goes. And its darker color helps it to look fabulous even if it gets dirty.


It is slightly costly for what it offers. But then again, almost no other GPS tracker in this range allows you to set up multiple safe zones in their respective cell phone apps. If you care about setting up various areas as the same zones, this tracker is pretty much the only option you have.

Pet Finder GPS Wrap Up

Overall, the Pet Finder GPS is not a pet tracker that you’d be disappointed by. Unless T-Mobile’s coverage is poor in your area/locality, you can definitely go for it.

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