Personal Blender vs. Blender

Updated: Jun 1, 2023 8:58 AM
Personal Blender vs. Blender

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There are times we need a quick blend for our morning routine, but what kitchen appliance should we use? While a countertop blender is the most common tool to mix a morning smoothie, professionals on the go are starting to choose personal blenders. The best blender should be convenient and powerful, and some can replicate the speed of a personal blender. So, you might wonder what’s the difference between a personal blender vs. blender.


  • Personal blenders are compact, sometimes portable blenders that specialize in single-serve soups and smoothies.
  • Traditional blenders have large blending containers and are great for large projects that require powerful blades.
  • A personal blender is excellent for quick and small blends, but it cannot blend as well as a regular blender.

Personal Blender vs. Blender Compared

If you are wondering how much are blenders, the answer will be impacted by whether or not it is a regular blender or personal blender, among other factors. A full-size blender often seems like the only choice for powerful motors and a blender for smoothies. Still, personal blenders are becoming much more common. Both appliances offer a blender base that contains a motor base. Still, neither provide the fine grinding of a mortar and pestle. That said, picking a suitable model is more than just personal preference.

Explaining Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are powerful machines with a compact size. Some models are portable and are great for making single servings of smoothies or frozen margaritas. A high-performance model will have speed settings and blender containers that also serve as to-go cups. Most use blades, but specific recipes may require a ribbon or paddle blender.

Benefits of Personal Blenders

The main benefit of a personal blender over a regular blender is portability. In addition, portable personal blenders have a similar performance to a stick blender for icy drinks. Most personal blenders take up much less room than standard blenders, much like a handheld immersion blender. Additionally, if you want to see how they compare, you can check out our article on immersion blenders vs blenders.

Drawbacks of Personal Blenders

Portable personal blenders are great for frozen drinks. We have a whole page explaining what is a portable blender and what they are best used for. Still, they cannot match the watts of power you’ll find in a traditional blender. In addition, some blender cups limit the amount of food you can make. While these appliances may seem convenient, some recipes require a much larger blending jar and a strong motor. However, if you are going to add anything solid to your frozen drinks, you want to consider a liquidiser instead of a blender.

Insider Tip

Make sure your cordless personal blender is fully charged before blending. A dead or dying blender won’t yield a smooth blend.

Explaining Blenders

The traditional blender has a large blending container and a powerful motor base. The motor spins blades in the base of the blender jar and blends ingredients fast. A high-performance, full-sized blender will have multiple speed settings. In contrast, if you read our BlenderX portable blender review, you’ll find a device that’s much smaller and lighter than a traditional blender.

Benefits of Blenders

If you are wondering what blender makes hot soup, full-sized blenders offer a much larger volume of hot soup or drinks than portable blenders’ blender cups. In addition, a high-performance blender can make creamy soup and even thick foods like nut butter.

Drawbacks of Blenders

Compared to a personal blender, a traditional blender has a longer blending time and isn’t as good with frozen ingredients. In addition, a blending session must take place at home. At the same time, a personal portable blender can come with you wherever you go. You might also be interested in these great protein shake blenders.

Which is Better?

A personal blender might be the best choice for daily smoothie drinkers looking to make a creamy smoothie for their morning commute. That said, if you need to make multiple servings or you want to blend tough ingredients, a traditional blender is the better option. Additionally, be sure to check out our blender comparison to know what to consider when shopping for the perfect blender for yourself.


Personal blenders are a terrible choice for serving multiple people due to the small blending cups.


How powerful are personal blenders?

Personal blenders are powerful enough to make smoothies and puree soup.

When should I use an immersion blender vs. a personal blender?

Use an immersion blender while cooking, and save the personal blender for single-serve recipes.

Can a personal blender crush ice?

Yes, even with a compact design, personal blenders can crush ice.

STAT: More than 90% of households report owning at least one personal or full-size blender. (source)

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