Peri Duo Combines iPhone Battery Case and Mini Speakers

Are you looking for the best iPhone battery cases? The Peri Duo is a fun iPhone project that turns your phone into a mini boombox, a sound amplifier reminiscent of past decades but cool enough to be worth consideration today.

If you don’t have room for a separate Bluetooth speaker, the Peri Duo case has you covered. The “Duo” part of the name comes from the two primary features of the case, the speaker system and the extra battery. They work in tandem – you don’t want the speakers to drain your precious battery life too quickly, and the 2,500 mAh extra battery will give you more than enough charge to play your tunes and check your phone for at least a few hours.

The speakers themselves are more than mere amplifiers. They include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility that actually let you multi-cast music to multiple Peri Duos within reach, allowing all nearby speakers (even those in different rooms) to share the same tunes for a party-like atmosphere. It also comes with a DSP/Equalizer function that you can play around within, and an integrated microphone that may be handy in teleconferencing situations.

A combined speaker and battery pack may sound like it adds a little bit too much bulk to your iPhone, but this case speaker appears surprisingly slim, still able to fit into the pockets of all but the skinniest jeans. The dual speakers and the four control buttons are the major protrusions, and even they are relatively mild changes. However, to protect your speakers from lint or cut down on size, you can unlock the speaker part of the case and carry it separately if you want.

The MSRP for the Peri Duo is $139 if you want to preorder straight from the website and pick your color. However, you can get a reduced price if you get the early bird price or support the project’s Indiegogo page, so stop by there first. When the case speaker becomes available, you can get it for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

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  1. seriously what is the situation with this peri duo case , am I the only person who stupidly pre ordered this never seen in public case , I pre ordered on 29th of june 2015 the date today 18th march 2016 does anyone find that strange , if that’s happening to few hundred thousand they are making a lot of interest of peoples money without even producing 1 product, I have contacted them on numerous times and been fed crap like its still in development, its ready for dispatch, we’ve had technical problems, we’ve had shipping problems,something is going on oh could now be the excuse we are now teaming up with,9 months I’ve been waiting for the phantom duo case,good luck to anyone wanting to buy it my advice is DONT

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