PERES Will Protect You From Food Poisoning, E-Nose Determines Food Quality (video)

If you’ve ever had food poisoning then you know how much it sucks! It’s the worst feeling in the world and when you’re going through it, you feel as if you’d rather die than endure any more stomach cramps that feel as if you’re getting stabbed by a thousand knives. Maybe, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it really is a horrible feeling. With the PERES device, you can save yourself a trip to the ER since the electronic “e-nose” device determines the quality and freshness of pork, beef, poultry and fish (Sushi food poisoning is the worst!). Currently an Indiegogo campaign, its CEO decided to come up with the device after experiencing food poisoning himself.

Peres 1

As the world’s first portable e-nose, users can check the quality of their food. It can be used at the market before purchasing some meat and can be used with foods that you already bought to ascertain if they’re safe to eat or not, thereby reducing food wastage. The device works thanks to its four different sensors – temperature, humidity, ammonia and volatile organic compounds sensors. To use, just direct the PERES toward the food product, click the button and then it uses Bluetooth to transmit data to you smartphone or tablet that will provide you a detailed result with recommendations regarding the safety of the product. More than 100 different volatile organic compounds can be detected in the newer vin city of decomposing meat. The data is then used to calcite findings and results. The early bird pack is still available for $120.


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