Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As far as affordable kayaks go, the 9.5 kayak from Perception Sound goes out of its way to offer a lot more value than its worth. It’s a great fishing kayak that can hold up to 300 pounds which means it’ll be able to carry you and your fishing gear without subsiding. The kayak also has a padded seat that offers a good amount of comfort, and a very roomy inside that yields enough space to stretch about. It’s build quality is also worth noting as the kayak gets its durability from the high-density roto-molded polyethylene that is used to forge it. When all is said and done, the Perception Sound 9.5 is a great buy for a first kayak, but the big question is, does it tick enough boxes to sit on top of our list as the best kayak to go for in 2021?

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Why We Like It – Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak

Whether you’re looking to do some light fishing or just wander around in the lake for fun, the Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak is an entry-level choice that is great for both activities. It’s built with a low center of gravity for added stability, and comes with a very comfortable seat.

  • Padded seats for extra comfort
  • Affordable
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Can’t stand up in it

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The size of the 9.5 kayak allows for very good maneuverability, meaning it’s hard to find yourself in a situation where it gets out of control when on water with it. It is also light enough to carry over short distances, but unlike the BKC TK219 Tandem Kayak, you might have to employ more effort to keep it steady in case it starts getting blown around in water because of its lightweight. It comes with all the essentials you should expect from a kayak, with two rod holders and a large rear that makes up the open storage area.


A lot of the features that make the Perception Sound 9.5 kayak stand out have to do with its great design. Aside from the fact that it looks pretty good, it comes with 2 mounting points for the Perception Solo Mount base. This will allow you to add extras such as a fishing rod holder, a camera mount or even a fish finder mount. Storage is also not that bad on the kayak as it comes with a rear open compartment that you can use to store your essentials. This is very different from the portable accessory carrier that you’ll get with the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Kayak.


Perception kayaks are known to provide a lot of good options for beginners and novices, while still offering some of the bells and whistles that more experienced anglers find to be necessary. The Sound 9.5 is backed by a 5 year warranty just like the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 to give you peace of mind and assurance of quality after your purchase. Infact, If you check for them right now on Amazon com, you’ll find a long trail of positive reviews. Their customer care team is always ready to help you out with anything as long as you provide your email address upon purchase to make it easier to track you.

Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak Wrap Up

The Sound 9.5 kayak is a great option if you just want to explore some lakes and streams and also be able to spend a long time out there thanks to its comfort and good tracking. You’ll get to appreciate its roominess and capacity for storage, as well as the good bargain that you’ll get in exchange for excellent value.

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