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Children’s bodies often overheat; cool air can really improve their sleep. A fan can be that in-between, but any curious child would be tempted to stick a finger into the blades. One of the best fans for a child’s room is the Pelonis FZ10-19MB, which has a unique grill design to prevent such a situation while providing cool air and low noise.

Why We Like It – Pelonis FZ10-19MB

Quiet on all speeds, this tower fan is pumping out good air flow—but more importantly its grills are designed to prevent accidents, making it ideal as a baby room fan.

  • Quiet on all speeds
  • Oscillates 60-degrees
  • Good for a baby room
  • Average across the board


As performance goes, the Pelonis Fz10-19MB Quiet Oscillating Tower Fan is pretty average—painfully, and to its detriment. Air circulation isn’t bad, but isn’t great either, not compared to other tower fans like the Honeywell QuietSet and Lasko T42950. For a child, however, it will do just fine keeping them cool.

What the Pelonis FZ10-19MB does best of all is staying quiet. On every one of its three speed settings, the sound of the fan hardly grows above a whisper, even on the fastest setting.


Aside from being quiet, the Pelonis FZ10-19MB also has a very safe design. Its grills were designed for safety in mind, to prevent those curious hands from feeling the unfortunate sting of a fan blade. This—above all else—makes it a wonder to have in your child’s bedroom. It can be left there without a second doubt.

Since this is a tower fan, it does oscillate, up to 60-degrees to be specific, which is more than the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan can say since it doesn’t oscillate at all. The remote control is straightforward, using very clear and precise icons to represent different settings.


The Pelonis FZ10-19MB is average on just about every front. It doesn’t oscillate that far and its airflow power is relatively subpar. So, why bother? Like it was said before, kids can get overheated and this provides just enough airflow to keep them cool during the night. And we all know how hard it is for kids to stay asleep on a regular basis. Even the price matches the performance. In other words: this is the best fan to have in your kids’ room based on performance and safety in mind.

Pelonis FZ10-19MB Wrap Up

The Pelonis FZ10-19MB isn’t impressive in any substantial way, not to an adult at least. For a kid, there’s a good gust of air coming out of the fan to keep them cool through the night, with each speed being barely a whisper. That means you’ll also get the sleep you so desperately need.

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