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PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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Children often overheat due to their higher metabolic rate. So you should have an air circulator or a tower fan placed inside your kids’ room acting as a cooling fan. The PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan provides enough airflow, is quiet enough, and has narrow openings preventing kids from sticking their fingers inside. All in all, it’s the best fan for baby room requirements. It’s also one of the best fans for college dorms.

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Why We Like It – PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan

Coming with a quiet motor, the PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan is an excellent purchase for indoor usage. And it’s an oscillating fan too, making it one of the best tower fans to buy right now.

  • 60° oscillation
  • Remote control included
  • LED display
  • Airflow speeds are not that great

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To be clear, this is not a high-performing fan. In fact, it’s one of this fan’s weaknesses; it can’t fill up the entire room with air circulation, no matter which one of the three speed settings you chose. The three speed settings are Normal Wind, Natural Wind, and Slumberous Wind. But it should be good enough for kids. If you really need a high-performance fan, take a look at the PureFlow QT7.


The outer body is made of glossy plastic. So it’s going to get scratched up and full of fingerprint marks very quickly. But every component inside is very high quality. You can use it as a pedestal fan, use it in a home kitchen, or use it anywhere you want, and it shouldn’t fail.

Noise/Sound Level

The PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan is a very quiet fan on all speed modes. But that’s not very good for kids as they need some white noise to sleep. A dedicated sound machine might help. So go for the Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Fan in that case.

Versatility/Modern Features

The touch control panel and the LED display work very well to give users the exact controls they want. And the display even has a night mode that darkens it to help you sleep. The remote control is a godsend that allows users to control everything remotely. The 7-hour timer also comes in handy for saving electricity.


The PELONIS Tower Fan works very well in its price range. The other fans from PELONIS in this range are very similar in nature, and the customer reviews show that. If you need a cheaper oscillating tower fan, go for the Lasko Air Stick Tabletop fan.

PELONIS 36 Inch Tower Fan Wrap Up

This fan might not be that impressive for cooling down adults; it, however, is handy for kids. And with free delivery, you get your money’s worth out of it.

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