Children are giants when it comes to the damage they can inflict on most anything. Really, most anything. Because it’s not the one-hit power of a child that makes gadgets cower and tremble, it’s their occasionally relentless anger and their almost permanent lack of attention that add up over time.

And time most definitely is on the child’s side, not on that of the device.

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The $499 PeeWee Power 2.0 has been rated Stallone’s equal as a cliffhanger, and even beefier on falls, though it’s not waterproof – only water resistant, but the same can be said of the actor and nobody’s nagging him about it.

Aside from the 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor and 1GB of ram, there’s an ant-sized 30GB HDD somewhere in there, as well as software to protect your children from the internet’s worst demons.

As Engadget notes, with this kind of hardware, it’s going to be teaching your kids lots of patience. And it does make the PeeWee Power name kind of ironic, doesn’t it?


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