Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom P136LF Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
89 Expert Rating

If you are looking for one of the must-have bathroom essentials for seniors, check out the Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom P136LF Bathroom Faucet. It is not only affordable, but easy to install. Supply lines aren’t included though, so you’ll either have to already have some or purchase them separately. Our list of best bathroom faucets will have even more to tell you, so check it out!

Why We Like It – Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom P136LF

The Peerless P136LF Bathroom Faucet’s ADA compliance means that anyone, from all walks of life, will be able to use the faucet without any troubles. The 3-Hole, 4-Inch Centerset configuration is quite easy to install and the limited lifetime warranty means you can rest easy if something does indeed go wrong either with installation or regular usage. Discover more about another elegant option that two handles by reading the Parlos 13598 bathroom faucet review.

  • Ideal for Seniors
  • Comes in Chrome or Brushed Nickel
  • Affordable
  • Not rated for cUPC or NSF 61
  • Some Plastic Components
  • Supply Lines Not Included


The Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet is ADA Compliant so anyone with disabilities, or elderly people with mobility issues, should have no trouble using it. In fact, we found this faucet to be especially ideal for seniors because the spout height is a mere 1.72” while it’s length is 3.91”. This makes it easy for anyone to reach over and turn on and ensures the water is poured directly in the basin. You can also consider the Brushed Centerset Lead Free Bathroom BF015 1 BN if you’d like a faucet that’s also cUPC and NSF 61 compliant too.


The Peerless Single Handle Faucet is easy to install and designed to fit 3-hole, 4-inch centerset configurations. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to look elsewhere if you have a single-hole sink as there’s no way to rig the faucet. But if you don’t mind more than one hole, you can also check out the 2 Handle Bathroom Assembly Lead Free Lavatory. The finish chrome or brushed nickel are your choice of colours on the Peerless Faucet and the included drain assembly completes your look. Be aware, though, that it does come with some plastic components. Find out more about a more elegant design that is different from standard faucets by checking out the Pfister lf042jdcc jaida bathroom faucet review.


The Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet offers a limited lifetime warranty allowing you to install it with the confidence that the company will replace it if something does go horribly wrong. Check out the Faucet Single Handle Bathroom Assembly 567LF PP for another example of a great brand promise. Both faucets also save you an average of 20% on your water bill which is always a nice addition. The Peerless Single Lever Handle Faucet retails for $51.00 on Amazon right now. An absolute bargain of a price, you won’t be disappointed if you pick it up!

Peerless Single Handle Centerset Bathroom P136LF Wrap Up

There are some things holding this Peerless Faucet back, like no ratings for lead and some plastic assembly components, but its lifetime warranty can make up for that. After all, if it breaks, you can get a new one. The Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes look great, and grandma and grandpa will love it for its simplicity of use too!

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