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Updated January 25, 2022
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This Pedego Trike is easy on the eyes, with a calming mineral blue paint job and a large bucket in the rear for the storing of groceries, tools, and other must-have items. This is a durable and stable electric trike, with an extended wheelbase, a low center of gravity, and an ergonomic brake lever and lastly the best electric trike available alongside the Fat Tire Recumbent Trike.

Why We Like It – Pedego Trike

Extremely attractive Pedego Trike with it’s mineral blue design with an advanced feature set, such as a robust LCD display that doubles as a USB charger and a large rear plastic cargo basket for storage make this a stand out bike. For a two-wheel electric bike that can also haul goods, check out the Pedego stretch review.

  • LCD display tracks multiple metrics
  • Extended wheelbase and low center of gravity for stability
  • Luminous front and rear lights and rear bucket for storage
  • Maxes out at 13 MPH

Durability & Build Quality

Those who tried it loved the integrated LCD display, which not only emits a bevy of useful data points, including speed and battery life but also includes a USB charger for smartphones and other gadgets. There is some assembly required when purchasing this three speed trike, though it does come with a robust tool kit to help quicken the process. This tool kit can also be stored in the rear bucket to be used for general maintenance. Despite being from the 2016 model year the adult trike has both electric assist and a torque sensor.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Though the brushless gear hub motor is well made and ultra-durable, the 250w design only allows it to reach a maximum speed of 13 miles per hour. Check if you may like the 500W motor in the Prodecotech stride 500 review. Now, while the pedal assist in the trike cuts out after 13 mph, unlike some electric bikes, the Pedego Trike will let you continue to pick up speed though the engine won’t help you till you slow down again. While unexpectedly the fat tire does mean it takes more energy to get the three wheels of the electric tricycle moving then needed when bike riding.

Range & Battery

The Pedego Electric Trike is one of the best adult tricycles with power assist and a 36v 11Ah lightweight and long lasting lithium battery with an two year warranty.

Safety features

The front and rear lights are exceptionally luminous, further adding to this trike’s safety rating. The internally geared design allows you to enjoy confident pedaling without needing to worry about clothes getting caught in the geared hub.With the stopping power of the disc brakes you’ll know you’ll be safe when you need to come to a stop.


While not easy to get in the united states the Comfort Cruiser Trike and Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle both cost far more then the Pedego Trike but the Pedego is not too much of a difference to those two while still being a good trike.

Pedego Trike Wrap Up

Over all the battery motor stem and even pedals have a level of quality that the price might not imply like with the Addmotor Motan trike, the problem really come with the low speed though it could still be a good choice for children or the elderly but for some who’s looking for a good Etrike the low speed may not be what you’re looking for.

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